Jet boat in Japan

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Compelling of marine sports, of the jet boat experience reservation from this page! It ran the sea at full throttle, exhilarating sport that can enjoy the sense of speed of the hull is the jet boat. Jet boat fast speed large size was born in Australia! Feeling running through the sea at a speed of more than 80km, you can enjoy up to forget the time from adults to children. Currently, jet boat, which is sold in Japan is 2 manufacturer of YAMAHA or SCARAB with a trailer. Since to 19 feet size that can be towed at the last minute trailer will be two types of Yamaha AR195 or of Sukarabu, 195HO. Here, let's briefly compare the Yamaha and Sukarabu. Design is I think good-looking also specifications and models with the same equipment in the 8-seater with each manufacturer. Yamaha's engine is the same SVHO engine and watercraft. Engine of Sukarabu is the same ROTAX 4TEC engine and the SEA-DOO. The color has been prepared Yamaha 2-color. Sukarabu is only one color. Cockpit Sukarabu for the driver's seat one Yamaha is equipped with the front passenger seat. Others, because there is a place that is superior to every manufacturer, we recommend that you choose a manufacturer that has been in their use.

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