Things to do in Hamamatsu/Lake Hamana

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In the recommended spot of Hamamatsu, will include eel pie of the company where the facility can plant tours for free is first. Because it is a popular tourist spot, parking is that it may not be able to visit in the full car, it is a good idea you put a reservation by phone. In a 15-minute drive from Hamamatsu west IC there is a "Hamamatsu Flower Park", the period of the summer will be opened "Children's wading Square". In addition, from July to September Admission is free for the even happy. Located in Kanzanji Town, "Lake Hamana Palpal" is the amusement park of the resort type to enjoy from adult to child. At the base of the Air Self-Defense Force in the Hamamatsu Nishi-ku, you can visit falls within the site is the air show to be held in the fall. In the hands-on museum, Hamamatsu Science Museum Planetarium is popular. In the Musical Instrument Museum, which boasts the world's largest, various events it is held through another year of the exhibition at the permanent exhibition. Drama Hamamatsu by the broadcast of the "woman castle straight tiger" has become more famous, historical sites and theme parks to enjoy throughout the year in the city, enjoy a trip of content that autumn leaves are fulfilling a beautiful Kanzanji Onsen you. Yet urban areas can also enjoy nature such as Lake Hamana, is a mild climate, but is also safe in so many Lone place slowly can tourism be in the room in the rain. Do not go to the popularity of the area of ??tourism of Hamamatsu, but in the heart of the city has been running the tour bus. Elementary school students 100 yen, more than junior high school students are available one day ticket at 200 yen. Address and access to business hours, information such as the holiday to check the URL of the official site, please go out.

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