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Rafting and is, boarded the sturdy rubber dinghy dedicated more than one person (about 5 to 8 people), it is to use the paddle, enjoy a torrent down while operating the boat sports. For even the name, because it is the etymology of the raft (raft = raft), will be if literally "rafting". However, under the guide of the instruction, the participants each other rode on the same raft is combined breathing the force, or the intensity get over it hit the rapids as much as be likened to the "natural roller coaster", absolutely if outdoors lovers is the king of the river sport not be removed. Such as the sudden up-and-down and the unexpected before and after the rotation, share of fun and a sense of accomplishment, a sense of fulfillment of teamwork to overcome the combined force a number of fault in everyone, is also a major attraction of the rafting.


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