Rafting in Shikoku

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Known for rafting spot of Japan's leading, it is Yoshino called "Shikoku Saburo", is the primary river flowing through the Kochi and Tokushima Prefecture. In addition, at the highest of the river which is said to be Japan's best torrent and clear stream, it is also popular in foreign as well as Japanese. There is powerful is counted as one of Japan's three rampage River, can enjoy the great outdoors, we look forward to having a swim in a river of events sense of thrilling. Even beginners feel free to be able to participate, is the experience is recommended in the fun memories making with the children families and friends and groups. Iya or Kochi access by the start point such as ?toyo of and accommodation of Tokushima will have different. Because depending on the course there is also a place that is provided with the age limit, such as elementary school or junior high school more, please check when booking. It participated in handy clothing such as bathing suit, helmet there is a rental, but the towel let's available in your own. 1-day course is the most if the lunch is attached. In the case of half-day course, please contact us the details of the plan contents by telephone. In relation to the amount of water in safety, there is also a case where the day set location is subject to change. At the time of application on the Internet is safe idea to tell your contacts. To family and friends and the largest of the exhilarating sport of one enjoy rafting, if there is an opportunity, let us try to participate. After the adrenaline was filled out with adventure experience of excitement, gently playing with water and photography, tourism of a nearby spot also do not forget.

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