TOPS 四国・吉野川ラフティング
Tops Shokoku Yoshinogawa Rafting

Tokushima / Yoshino basin
Campaign / announcement

⭐︎10月21日(日)  トレッキングに行こうよ!(初級トレッキング) ⭐︎10月25(木)26(金) SUP YOGA 体験 ( AM / PM ) / 10月はイベント盛りだくさん!!

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TOPS 四国・吉野川ラフティングの特徴

四国 吉野川・大歩危・小歩危でのラフティングならトップスへ!!

TOPSとは、Total Outdoor Prof Station の略です。
吉野川 ラフティング を主に、大歩危、小歩危、で展開しています♪

All tour participants photos free download!

Everyone who took part in TOPS tour, you can download tour photos for free! Ask the tour staff about how to apply! ^ ^ (Please note that it will be an application only for representatives.)

The cleanliness of the facility is NO.1 ★

In TOPS's spacious premises, there is plenty of facilities with a sense of cleanliness, so there is no doubt that you can enjoy it even more! Since lockers in changing rooms also have hangers, it is possible to store outerwear etc. beautifully. Women have a nice partition! You can use it with confidence because the lock is locked on a spacious large locker! Both men and women are equipped with 5 spacious shower rooms. Let's sweat after playing a lot!

More advantage with TOPS point card ('▽ `) ノ


TOPS 四国・吉野川ラフティングのギャラリー

TOPS Shikoku · Yoshino River Rafting gallery
TOPS Shikoku · Yoshino River Rafting gallery
TOPS Shikoku · Yoshino River Rafting gallery
TOPS Shikoku · Yoshino River Rafting gallery


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