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Outdoor which is famous for Japan, Hokkaido can experience nature is also popular. Among them, "torrent rafting" that you can experience in Niseko's Shiribetsu River is recommended. Please inform us of the desired time when making a reservation. In addition, usually, due to poor bad weather will be canceled and changes will be made the day before, so it is smooth if you stay in contact with the hotel name at the accommodation. You can also rent out in groups, and experience tours are held from 3 people, so it is suitable not only for individuals but also for group use. Rafting is basically said to be the best season for June to enjoy kids and adults, but in Hokkaido it is said that spring snow melting - mid May is attractive. In addition to Niseko's Shibetsu River, it is also held at Tokamakawa at Tomamu River, Mukawa River, Furano River, etc. After enjoying, enjoying hot springs is also recommended. In the Hidaka area, in addition to a half-day course, there are plans for packing the whole day with lunch, plans to take pictures and give presents. Since there are characteristics depending on the area, please select a plan that suits yourself, and contact us by e-mail or phone for detailed information such as about meals in advance. There are also rental items, but you may wear clothes that you do not mind if you get wet, and bring towels etc. As elementary school students and beginners can also feel free to participate as sports, they are gaining popularity, so please challenge if you have the opportunity!