Rafting in Hokkaido

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Tourist destination representing Japan, Hokkaido is also popular outdoors to experience nature. Among them, can experience in Shiribetsu River of Niseko, we recommend the "torrent rafting". Please tell when booking a time of hope at the time of use is. Also, usually, because the contact of cancellation or change due to bad weather will be done the day before, and keep contact also piled Hotel Name of accommodation smoothly. You can also charter in the group, because the experience tour even from 3 people are rooms, not only the individual, also suitable for organizations use. Rafting has been a time of the best season to enjoy basically June to adults from the kids, but from spring to mid-May of the thaw has been said to be attractive in Hokkaido. In addition to Shiribetsu River of Niseko, Tomamu in the Tokachi River river, Mukawa, also held in such Furanogawa, is also recommended to enjoy the hot spring after the end. In the Hidaka area, in addition to the half-day course, and one day the whole pack of the plan with lunch, take a picture, there is also such as gifts to us plan. Because there is a feature by region, select the plan that suits you, for more information, such as for pre-meal, let's us at e-mail or telephone. There is also rented, but to prepare the dress may be wet, you might want to continue to bring their own towels. As a sport that can participate willingly in elementary school children and beginners, because you are popular, but please try to come challenge if there is an opportunity!

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