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In Kumamoto Prefecture, known for kumamon There are many children can enjoy the facility. Amusement park that has been popular in the region from the old days in the "green land", the event will enjoy the children have been held regularly. Address is the station Omuta Station on the JR or Nishitetsu Fukuoka Prefecture is the nearest in Arao. It is a day, seven days a week, but since business hours is different from weekdays, such as a holiday, please note the home page as a reference. Since there is a hotel, such as accommodation and golf courses in the surrounding area, please try to spend slowly in the family. There is also a corner that can be popular experience in healthy kids slip the grassland in the Aso among other things, it requires a check on the appointment of so calendar is popular. Slider and restaurants in the Aso area, there are also attractive tourist attractions and zoo representative of the prefecture, you can enjoy without getting tired during the day. Since the historic spot and there are many fashionable shops on the main street in Kumamoto City, it is safe and in advance to know the information. If the go with children, is recommended zoo in Kumamoto Higashi-ku. You can also escape to Suizenji Ezuko park than the park south gate of the site.

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