Things to do in Kumamoto 136Results / Popularity order

Kumamoto prefecture known for Kumamo has many facilities that children can enjoy. Among them, the amusement park "Greenland", which has long been popular with the area since long ago, events are regularly held and children can enjoy it. The address is Arao City and the nearest station is JR or Omuta station in Fukuoka Prefecture of Nishitetsu. Although it is open throughout the year, business hours, such as holidays, are different from weekdays, so please pay attention to the homepage. As there are accommodation facilities and golf course in the surroundings such as hotels etc, please try to relax slowly with family. In addition, there are corners that you can experience popular in healthy kids in Aso city, but it is popular and checking with calendar is necessary because it is reservation system. In the Aso city area there are sliders, restaurants, charming sightseeing spots and the zoo representative of the prefecture, which you can enjoy without getting tired. Because there are many fashionable shops in historical spots and main street in Kumamoto city, it is safe to check the information in advance. If you go with children, we recommend a zoo in eastern district of Kumamoto city. You can also escape to Suizenji Ezu Lake Park from the garden south gate of the premises.