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Mt. Aso boasts the world's best caldera where the crater was destroyed by volcanic activity. In the surrounding area there are many famous hot springs that can enjoy outdoor baths such as Uchimaki hot springs, Tochigi hot springs, Akashi hot springs and Kurokawa hot springs, which were influenced by volcanoes at some of the hot spring sightseeing sites. In the area around Aso in Kumamoto Prefecture, outdoor facilities such as camping areas where you can enjoy barbecues, etc. in parks and families with large athletics and playgrounds, in a magnificent lush green surroundings surrounded by mountains It is also characteristic that it is substantial. In Takamori Town, Aso County, there are campgrounds and auto camping grounds, as well as sightseeing spots that you can see the fantastic and mysterious space created by the rich spring water flowing out during the tunnel construction "Takamori Town Spring water tunnel park "is also located near Takamori station. There are lots of facilities where you can experience contact with animals popular among young children such as contact animals kingdom with capi para, iguanas, cuddly dominion with chimpanzees mainly in bears, and Aso milk ranch with breeding animals There are also Aso Nature Land where you can experience the adventurous sky sports such as paragliding and hot air balloon which can enjoy 360 degree panorama in the lawn, and the holiday is crowded with families with healthy children. As professional staff guides you, people without experience are fine as well. Besides, at the workshop, there are plans that allow applicants to experience handmade culture, such as pottery and paintings that are ideal for souvenirs. In Nami 's Takahara Yasuragi Exchange Center, which is undergoing maintenance of elementary schools, there are also courses such as handmade crafts such as nature crafts and chopsticks making of Japanese cypress, as well as courses that parents can experience, as well as corners such as pizza and soba noodles I will. Let's check in advance concerning points of concern such as the address of the facility of the target, traffic access, opening hours, usage fee, what to prepare.


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