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Aso, which boasts the world's largest caldera crater was Deki been destroyed by volcanic activity. The surrounding area, one of the largest hot spring tourism Uchimaki was affected by the volcano in the area hot springs, Tochigi hot spring, rusty water hot springs, Kurokawa Onsen, such as open-air bath can enjoy specialty hot spring there will be a large number. In addition to Kumamoto Prefecture, Aso surrounding area, in the lush magnificent natural location surrounded by mountains around, camping and outdoor facility where you can enjoy a barbecue in the park or a family where there is a large athletic and playground equipment There are also features are substantial. The Aso-gun Takamori, camping and auto-camping is another ,, tourist spot rich spring water in the tunnel construction work can see the fantastic and magical space created by the flood, "Takamori-machi spring water tunnel park "is also located in the vicinity of the Takamori Station. Kapipara, and petting the animal kingdom there are iguanas, Cuddly Dominion who is also at the center of the bear chimpanzee, etc., such as Aso milk ranch Fureaeru with animals that have been bred, the facility also full that can popular animals and touching experience to young children who other, such as paragliding and hot-air ballooning to 360-degree panorama in the lawn to enjoy, there is also a Aso Nature land that can experience the Sky Sports tantalizing sense of adventure, a holiday is crowded with was brought cheerful children family. Is it safe experience there is no person because professional staff are working on guidance. Other, in the studio, there is a plan to seekers such as pottery, such as souvenir to be optimal, potter's wheel and painting can experience the handmade culture. In the interchange building peace plateau of the waves that have been made to establish a primary school, nature craft, other courses that you can experience in parent and child, such as handmade crafts, such as chopsticks making of Japanese cypress, also it has been the hotel's corner, such as pizza baked and Soba you. The purpose of the facility address, traffic access, business hours, usage fees, the point to be worried about, such as those to be prepared let's check in advance.

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