Hot air balloon in Japan

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Hot-air balloon, the air in the bag called spherical skin (envelope), heated by a burner attached to the bottom and is raised in the buoyancy generated by the difference in specific gravity between the outside air. Crew, will ride the gondola attached to the bottom of the envelope (the basket). Hot-air balloon is only possible rising and falling by adjusting the heat of the burner, in addition to the wind, the driving force of their own does not have. Since the wind direction and strength are different by the altitude, to find the direction of the wind that want to go to the altitude adjustment. Hot air ballooning in Europe and in the United States are classified as aircraft, you will need a license to be issued in each country. As with hang-gliding, paragliding in domestic law, there is no national certification. However, to steer a hot air balloon in the country, it requires Japan Balloon Federation of the issuance of a hot-air balloon pilot skills certificate. It should be noted that the boarding party other than the operator does not have a particular qualification is required.

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