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[Saitama / Kazo] Reliable with charter! Own GoTo travel campaign progress! Hot air balloon Workshop!

  • Beginners welcome - First try
  • Empty-hands OK
  • Meal included
  • Pick-up & Drop-off
  • Pets allowed
  • Charter possible
  • Children welcome
  • Regional common coupon (paper) available
  • Regional common coupon (electronic) available
  • Possible number of bookings
  • Participating age
    Age 0歳 ~ Age 70
  • Duration
    2~3 hours

This is a Hot air balloon experience recommended for those who want to ride a balloon for the first time. The Hot air balloon that you ride after assembling and listening to the explanation of the mechanism and history should be even more impressive. It will be held in the afternoon, so you don't have to worry if you can't come in the morning. There is also an option night before, and we will guide you to a luxurious way of spending that only the pilot knows.

Winning Balloon Club Hot air balloon Experience Coronavirus Countermeasures
1. Pilots and crew will participate wearing masks.
2. All participants will wear gloves.
3. Disinfect the parts that people touch every day.

[Original GoTo Travel campaign progress! ]
Period: May 9th ~ (extending indefinitely!)
Conditions: Those who have booked a private accommodation and experience as a set during the period. Up to 10 people.
■ SOLA BASE can be reserved for one building! Usually 37,000 yen is 35% off!
■ Regular holiday charter 150,000 yen ⇒ 100,000 yen!
* Reservations can be made separately from "". Please say "Goto campaign hope".
* Since it is a first-come-first-served basis, we may not be able to accept it depending on the reservation status.







About fees

Basic fee

Optional fee

※The list price includes tax.
※The above price is a basic fee.
※Fees may vary depending on schedule, please check the fee displayed after selecting the date.

Payment methods
    Date of reservation cancellation charge
    About cancellation

    Plan attractions

    Time schedule


    体験スケジュール※午前中の方が実施確率は高いです。 【5:00開始例※時間は日の出時刻によって変動します】
    5:00 集合後、立上げ場所へ移動
    5:30 立上げ準備開始
    6:00 フライト開始
    7:00 フライト終了、機体回収
    8:00 解散


    体験スケジュール 【15:00開始例※時間は日の入り時刻によって変動します】
    15:00 集合後、立上げ場所へ移動
    15:30 立上げ準備開始
    16:00 フライト開始
    17:00 フライト終了、機体回収
    18:00 解散

    Detailed information of this plan

    Required minimum number of participants 1 Person(s)
    Possible number of bookings 1~20
    Operating period All-year-round
    Assembly time ■ Aggregation time
    hot air balloon is easy to be influenced by wind, it fly in the Tour Time of calm morning calm and evening calm of the wind. Therefore, Sun to set in accordance with the out of, by the time the ride meeting time is different.
    ※ normal, Sun 30 minutes before leaving, the Sun will be set to enter 2 hours before.
    1 ~ 3 Mon : morning 5:00 to 6:30 in the evening 14:30 to 15:30
    4-6 Mon : morning 4:00 to 5:00 in the evening 15:30 to 16:30
    7-9 Mon : morning 4:00 to 5:00 in the evening 15:30 to 16:30
    October to Dec. : 5: 00-6: 30 in the morning, 14: 30-15: 30 in the evening
    Booking deadline 2 days before 23: 59

    Changing room Toilet
    Shower Parking

    Dress code - Must bring items Clothes can be dirty · Please come out with outdoor clothing with less exposure of the skin. Please refrain from heels and skirts, beach sandals.
    About rental items Visit option.
    [Member Discount]
    ■ If you participate in the experience within 1 Year, the following Sale will be applied as a member rate.
    ① 6000 yen discount within 1 Year
    ② option Sale(Eligible: drinks, champagne, Gopro, drone, night clubhouse, Glamping, surprise, gift Ticket)
    In the next reservation while boarding
    ③Free night clubhouse (with breakfast)
    * You can experience the next FreeFlight experience for a total of 9000 yen!
    ■ Reservation method
    ①Pay the reservation fee 1500 yen with cash / PayPay at boarding On the day with the desired date.
    (Dates can be changed any number of times. The reservation fee will not be returned, but it can be used as an accommodation fee)
    ② Pay the balance 3 days in advance.
    * Please check with the On the day crew for details.

    Matters require attention Boarding conditions
    - 13 persons under the age must be accompanied by a guardian.
    · For those under the age of 20, parental consent is required.
    • Since the Plan of the safety of everyone of the participants, does not offer is join us who falls under any of the following.
    People with high blood pressure, heart, spinal, neck, people with epilepsy, epilepsy, those with symptoms of hyperventilation, those after drinking, those with symptoms that may be exacerbated by participation, those pregnant person, or a person where there is a possibility of pregnancy, those who are taking your medicine, participation this Sun , those who safety is determined to not be secured by the organizer, If you have any any questions or concerns symptoms, time of application Please Remarks column .
    · The total weight of all passengers is about 300 kg.
    When it becomes 300 kg more , there are cases where it is divided into two groups for boarding.
    Other notifications ■ About insurance
    Although we will take all possible measures to ensure safety, we recommend that participants purchase a sufficient amount of Japan travel accident insurance.
    ■ About the difference between mooring and free flight
    ・ Mooring flight is a method of flying while connected to the ground with a rope. You can enjoy a stable floating feeling because it is not swept away by the wind. At the Balloon Workshop of the Winning Balloon Club, you can climb up to an altitude of about 30m, float for about 10 minutes, and have a pilot experience.
    ・ Free flight is a method of flying on the wind without connecting to the ground. Generally, when you think of a balloon, this flight is what you imagine. In the Free Flight experience of Winning Balloon Club, you will fly at a maximum altitude of 1000m (depending on the weather conditions) for about 45 minutes.

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    気球体験もすごく魅力的でしたが、今村さんのリーダーシップに私はすごく感動しました 笑



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    Guest user家族の楽しい思い出!


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    Access - Map

    スカイフィールドわたらせ土手上 36°15'16.4"N 139°40'53.6"E
    Assembly point

    [Sky field Watase Sat on the hand]
    Since we are going to go to The meeting place, some of the car width is narrowed by a wheel stopper so please come in the directions of the following route URL.
    Map URL: 36 ° 15'16.4 "N 139 ° 40'53.6" E
    Root URL:

    If you arrive by car


    If you arrive by train


    If you arrive by other means of transportation


    Q&A about this plan

    Q. Hello. How high do you go for this experience? Thank you very much. Ben

    A. The height depends on the type of experience. If it is BalloonWorkshop, it will rise to about 30 M. If it's Freeflight up to 1000 M ,

    Activity Provider of this plan

    Insurance information 熱気球保険:
    License and Qualifications 熱気球操縦士技能証、インストラクター
    Member organizations and associations 日本熱気球連盟

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