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栃木 / 佐野・小山・足利・鹿沼

Trying to share with everyone the best of memories!

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I have experienced a memorable experience!

I joined with my daughter of elementary school student at my (father).
Participate early in the morning and start preparing around the time of sunrise. From the place where hot air balloon is assembled, it actually skips and experiences to riding place. It was only what I did not know unless I tried it like "hot air balloon does not shake!" I also experienced skydiving before, but I experienced a different elegant air travel than that.
My daughter was delighted so I was able to experience a memorable experience.
This time photographer also asked for it, so it was a memorable experience that can last forever. It is recommended!

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参加日: 2017 年 10 月
hot air balloon
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Thank you for coming to the hot air balloon experience of Winning this time!
Since I was able to actively help from assembling, I was about to do it together as a crew from next time.
The toast with the balloon was elegant too. I am glad to be a good memory.
For those who participated once, we also inform you of any further flights.

I was impressed!

I took a balloon for the first time.
The road to the site is narrow. Anyway it's narrow. (Laugh) I can not pass through on the way and I walk by walking. But the staff was interesting and I was able to enjoy such a happening too.
It was only the aim to get on the balloon, but it was a nice experience to inflate the balloon and let me operate the burner.
When I got on the balloon, I climbed to the sky in a blink of an eye in a blink of an eye, the morning glow was beautiful and quiet, I was deeply impressed. Good luck getting up early &!
I baked marshmallow with a burner and ate it with cookies, and the story of the staff is interesting, I wonder what a nice morning is. I listened attentively to the history of the balloon, the thought on the balloon, and the story was fun.
Mr. Shinnosuke, Paco, Hiro, people who experienced it together, all of you were nice people and I really enjoyed it!
I want to get free flight next time! No, I will go take a ride!

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参加日: 2017 年 08 月
hot air balloon
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Thank you for coming to Hot Air Balloon experience this time.
I am deeply moved to write a very nice review. There was a trouble stopped by a narrow narrow road, but it was nice to reach somehow. In the future I'd like to ask the size of the car in advance.
I was glad that marshmallow cookie was happy too! And I got an idea holding chocolate, so I will deliver it to the guest from the next time with version upgrade.

I had them experience with 8 college friends. Everyone was on the balloon for the first time, but the nature of Watarase and the weather was fine, so the view from the balloon was wonderful, I was able to take a very nice experience & photogenic pictures! Staff also did not feel any stiff feeling, we were able to touch friendly. I wanted to ride a little longer if I greedy, but I could enjoy it even if I deducted it. Thank you very much!

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参加日: 2017 年 05 月
hot air balloon
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Mr. Tezuka

Thank you for coming to Hot Air Balloon experience this time.
Thank you for writing a nice review.
Everyone early in the morning and we were able to see the beautiful morning sun.
Although there is a high limit because it is a mooring, the weather was also calm so I was able to enjoy the relaxing floating feeling. I would like to make use of this comment to make it useful for the next experience. If you want to challenge for free flight, please feel free to contact us.

Winning balloon club

That there is such a scenery in the metropolitan area be seen

I did from the city about an hour in the car, did not know say there would be places where so widely, exciting. It is possible to experience from where it will assemble the balloon, joy when flew emergency was very big!
The staff was also friendly and kind!
In addition, I think that you also want to challenge a different season!

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参加日: 2016 年 11 月
hot air balloon
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Thank you for this time I am coming to ride in a hot air balloon!
I do not very well known, Watarase area can also, such as gliders and sky dive in addition to a hot air balloon, I'm a very interesting place.
Ride only'm sure not like who enjoy the fun of the assembly and the recovery, but as long as happy even here.

Best non-daily experience!

It was the first time of the flight, I was able to enjoy Kokoronaku fear is very kind and friendly Staff!
I want to go to all means also ride.

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参加日: 2016 年 11 月
hot air balloon
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This time Thank you for coming to the hot-air balloon boarding experience.
Since the hot-air balloon leaf oil-Kkuri rises, is there are more even more fear of heights who can say "this if all right."
It has risen to an altitude of several hundred meters while the do not know! There is also a good thing Nante.