Horse trekking in Japan

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While riding, it is possible to enjoy a variety of views "horse trekking" has attracted attention recently. North of the earth, in Hokkaido, it is possible to explore the ranch, south of Okinawa, in the Ie, you can stroll the sea. You can also participate in the beginner and elementary school students, there is also a place that is provided with the age restriction, and since there is also a place where there is a weight restriction, such as "100kg or less", fee, including the detailed contents, Ya phone at the time of reservation Please confirm by e-mail. In the metropolitan area, in addition to the Yamanashi and Ibaraki, Chiba tour in Tateyama was held, it is popular with families. The time required up to 90 minutes to 180 minutes, since the various courses are prepared, you might want to choose according to the schedule of sightseeing. Among them, according to the of each four seasons season, is a popular program that can experience nature. Also because there is a place that brings a free transfer, let's feel free to contact us. Outside riding lessons are carried out in various places, such as long pants and sneakers, it is OK if it is easy to move clothes. Experienced instructors before riding, because there is also a facility that will choose the horse, the first one is safe. In addition, because the horse that was active in the JRA in the past there is also a club enrolled, if you are interested, please try to check the pros and cons in detail.

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