Horse trekking experience throughout Japan 63Results / Popularity order

"Horse trekking" which can enjoy various sceneries while horseback riding is attracting a hot topic recently. In the northernmost land, Hokkaido, you can stroll through the ranch, you can explore the ocean in Okinawa in the south and Ie Islands in the south. Beginners and elementary school students can participate, but there are places where age restrictions are set up, and there are places where weight restrictions are limited, such as "100 kg or less", detailed contents including charges, telephone and Please confirm by email. In the metropolitan area, tours are held in Tateyama in Chiba as well as Yamanashi and Ibaraki, and it is popular with families. Different courses are available from 90 minutes to 180 minutes, so you may choose according to the schedule of sightseeing. Above all, programs that allow you to experience nature are popular according to each season's season. There are places where you can make a free pickup, so feel free to contact us. Exercise lessons held in various places are OK if it is easy to move, such as long pants and sneakers. There are institutions where experienced instructors choose horse before horse riding, so the first one is safe. Also, there are clubs that have horses active in JRA in the past, so if you are interested, please check the details by all means.