Things to do in Fukuoka

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There are a variety of experience courses in Fukuoka Prefecture. Among them popular for is the marine sports. Various genres are available, you can enjoy the world of the sea. The is characterized by a large nationwide seen even if the price is cheap plan, the diving, the characteristic that the movement of the property, such as local and hotels in many cases with a pick-up. Is for those who can afford to schedule is recommended course of SUP (stand up paddle board). Those who are worried, please try to check the dates of hope. In addition, in the popular factory tours of local cod roe and sweets manufacturers, Can you the introduction of the description and product of various processes. Speaking of Fukuoka City, also known as the city of gourmet, from specializing in regional cuisine, there are a lot of shops of various taste of various parts of Japan up to the Hokkaido - Okinawa. Among them, forget the must is the presence of Hakata sandbar stalls. In adult atmosphere in the Tenjin district, in the popularity of the shop is also a place in advance to a reservation must be made by telephone. Fukuoka, as well as tourists, are visited by a lot of people in employment from all of the provinces and Shikoku Kyushu, residential environment is also good, is the area that also lead a deep history with foreign countries. Since the interest is also a lot, because there are a lot of places to enjoy in addition to activity, but please try by all means check it!

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