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There are various experience courses in Fukuoka prefecture. One of the most popular is marine sports. Various genres are prepared and you can enjoy the world of the sea. Characteristically, there are many plans that are cheap in terms of price nationwide. In diving, there are many things with transportation to the accommodation facilities such as the local and hotels. For those who have plenty of dates we recommend SUP (Stand Up Paddle Board) course. If you are interested, please check the schedule of hope. In addition, plant tours by local mentaiko and Japanese confectionery manufacturers are also popular, so you can explain various processes and introduce products. Speaking of Fukuoka City as a gourmet city, there are many shops of various flavors all over Japan ranging from local specialty shops to Hokkaido to Okinawa. Among them, there are Hakata Nakasu street stalls that we should not forget. In the atmosphere of adults in the Tenjin neighborhood, there are also places where popular shops need reservations by phone in advance. In Fukuoka, not only tourists, but also from all the prefectures and Shikoku in Kyushu, many people are visiting, the housing environment is good, there is a history with a deep connection with foreign countries. There are plenty to see, so there are plenty of places to enjoy in addition to activities, so please check it out!