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As for Kyushu Hakata, although there are strong images that are introduced in gourmet magazines etc. such as ramen and mentaiko nationwide pot, Hakata Tenjin shop stall shop nationwide, it is never popular city only gourmet. JR Hakata station itself has an attractive area not only for shopping but also for the viewing terrace and railroad shrines. There are also leisure facilities and sightseeing spots where you can spend pleasantly around the station. In Hakata-ku Sumiyoshi there is Canal City Hakata as an entertainment city that adults and children can enjoy, such as shops, shops where movie theaters and Ultraman goods are available, cafes with the theme of Tomica Plarail and Moomin Valley. Besides, Ohori Koen which made Kuroda Nagamasu developed the bay which used as an outside mouth is located near Hakata Station by subway for only 10 minutes and others, and Marin World Sea where you can enjoy events such as dolphin show and sea lion and sea otter There are also various sights such as Fukuoka tower of half mirror finish in Hayakichi Ward of Fukuoka city. We also recommend a tour to explore the city of Hakata with an interpreter guide, a handmade pottery, a braided strap and a glass gift making experience plan also good for souvenirs. Also, there are plenty of marine sports experience plans such as places where Genkai-nada and Hakata Bay spread, wind surfing, stand-up buddle boards, yacht cruising and so on.