Things to do in Fukuoka city (Hakata/Tenjin)/Dazaifu

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And say Kyushu Hakata, nationally ramen and spicy cod roe, with pan, images that are featured in Hakata Tenjin of stalls of shops and gourmet magazines There strongly, by no means only gourmet is a popular city. To JR Hakata Station itself with or there is such outlook terrace and railway shrine not only shopping has become an attractive area. In addition, there will be leisure facilities and tourist attractions to spend fun and also around the station. The Hakata-ku, Sumiyoshi, shopping as well, such as there is a cafe that was a movie theater and Ultraman goods are aligned shops and Tomica Tomy and Moomin valley to the theme, there is Canal City Hakata as entertainment City adults also enjoy children. Besides, Marine World sea Nagamasa Kuroda can enjoy events such as the beginning sea lions and sea otters and other ,, dolphin shows in close and a 10-minute subway ride from Ohori Park is Hakata Station was able to develop a cove that was used as the outer moat middle-of-the-road, there is also a variety of attractions such as Fukuoka Tower of half-mirror finish, Fukuoka early Gil Ward. And a tour to explore the Hakata of the city with a interpreter guide, souvenir to be a good up, is a hand beauty kneading of ceramic art, braid strap, also experience plan of making glass gift recommendations. In addition, the location pattern of Genkai and Hakata Bay is spread, and wind surfing, stand up paddle board, experience plan of marine sports such as yacht cruising have been many held.

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