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[10 minutes walk from Tenjin Station, Fukuoka] ☆ Challenger? Healing group? Art school? Pottery trip near Umeda station ♪ ☆ One day pottery experience-One person is welcome! ~

  • Beginners welcome - First try
  • Empty-hands OK
  • Solo participant
  • Operate rain or shine
  • Children welcome
  • Possible number of bookings
  • Participating age
    Age 4歳 ~
  • Duration
    1~2 hours

"Hand-knitting one-day experience that you can make your favorite ★ It's a pottery lesson that you can learn safely for the first time ♪"
I want to devote myself to something! I want to start something new! I want to heal my heart clean! A variety of feelings come to Yu-kobo ☆ It's a pottery experience that will make your heart gentle ♪
A gentle specialized staff will help you according to the speed of each one ☆ You can enjoy rice with rice inside the finished unit ♪

☆ It is a pottery one-day experience that twists Mino-yaki's soil and turns round-table rockingly!
☆ It is a course that you can produce one customer's work in 90 minutes lesson.
☆ I can paint with iron color hands. Before experiencing, if you consider the painting design drawing on the vessel beforehand, you can handmade a good instrument.
☆ In hands-on experience we use hand-cranked rocroes, but I will lecture the same "water bucking" technique as electric rooks. Even with hand-cranked Rocco, you can make a work that is same as electric rocro.
☆ Please feel free to contact us for anything, if you have any concerns or concerns about your work.

★ To overseas customers ★
If you wish to book this course, please make sure to participate with someone who can translate for you.​ ​
We kindly ask for your understanding as we have no any foreign language speaking staff.

Individual guidance is provided for beginners ☆ Immerse yourself in handcrafting experience near the station!

Bright and friendly professional staff will help you carefully. Please participate with peace of mind if you are new to handmade or those who like manufacturing. We are also waiting for participation by both men and women, groups, girls' societies, couples, families, etc. ☆

★ Make an original vessel ★

You can use 400g of Mino's soil to make one of your own vessels.
I will face the soil slowly and carefully form the foundation.
Type of less You can choose from four.
1 tea bowl
2 hot water only
3 small bowls
4 small dishes
You can choose a glaze (Yuyaku), which determines the color of the bowl, from the three selected by Yu Kobo. A vessel for coloring the table with natural colors is completed.
※ Experiment day, management number are engraved on the back of work.

Commitment "Reduction grill (Ibushi)"

In Yu-koubou, we are firing all the ceramic artworks with reducing grill (Ibushi-yaki) where tasty deep-fried kiln is born. Kiln burning technique that is not widely adopted in other classrooms. Yu Kobo sticks to the firing method and cherishes the work carefully.

About fees

Basic fee

Optional fee

※The list price includes tax.
※The above price is a basic fee.
※Fees may vary depending on schedule, please check the fee displayed after selecting the date.

Payment methods
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    Plan attractions

    Time schedule

    ☆ Starting the Experience

    ☆ Start of experience We will process at the reception desk of the classroom at the reserved start time. The pottery experience begins in a classroom like an art room ☆ First of all, decide the image you want to make while looking at various finished work examples ☆

    ☆ Making a foundation-stringing

    ☆ Making a foundation-string stacking Start by making dumpling-shaped clay ☆ When the base is made, stretch the clay to make a string and stack it on the base ☆ Ceramic clay feels cool and feels nostalgic for some reason ☆ Moisten your hands We will carefully make the base of the pottery so that the soil does not dry out.

    ☆ Thickness adjustment

    ☆ Thickness matching When the base is made, stretch the clay to make a string and stack it on the base ☆ Ceramics using fingertips stimulates the five senses ☆ It will be exciting if it becomes the image of the vessel you want to make ☆

    ☆ Wed ground rocker technique

    ☆ Water-grinding potter's wheel technique Wet the work with water, rotate the potter's wheel and slide it with your fingers to make it thinner and larger. It is a delicate work process that brings movement to the work ☆ The technique of growing and growing is thrilling ☆

    ☆ mouth cutting - decoration

    ☆ Mouth cut-decorated Original by decorating the vessel! Transform into a bear shape, push a stamp, engrave patterns and letters with a bamboo skewer ♪ The design is infinite depending on you ♪


    The shape of the finished product is completed ☆ If you are absorbed in it, 1.5 hours will pass in a blink of an eye. The work is unglazed by a staff specializing in pottery, shaving on a hill. In addition, apply the desired glaze and carefully bake it ☆

    ☆ Studio Tour & Explanations

    ☆ studio tour and Explanations while visiting the studio up to make the vessel is raised burnt Explanations will

    Detailed information of this plan

    Required minimum number of participants 1 Person(s)
    Possible number of bookings 1~
    About duration 90 minutes
    Operating period All year round
    Assembly time 10:30/14:30/17:00/19:00
    Booking deadline On the day Until 8:59

    Changing room Toilet
    Shower Parking

    Dress code - Must bring items ・ You may need to bring an apron, as it may stain your clothes.
    ・ If you have long hair, please bring a hair clip as it may become soiled.
    ・ If you are attending, have a seat fee of 2,000 yen(Excl. Tax) will be charged.
    About rental items Apron free Rental Is also available. If you need it On the day Please speak to the staff.

    Matters require attention ・ If your nails are long, it may be difficult to work, so we recommend that you cut them short.
    ・ It will be "about one month to one and a half months later" until delivery.
    ・ The Yu Kobo staff will scratch the back of the work, bake it, and return it.
    ・ The finished product will be handed over to the classroom, but delivery to home is also possible (delivery fee is not included).
    ・ Please come 5 minutes before the start time of the reserved experience. Please note that the end time of the experience will not change even if you are late for the start time.
    Other notifications Because the - in the classroom where the pottery and glass products are on display, for safety reasons Target age less than the Ageo/Okegawa of your entry of children of rejected we have been. It is not possible to take classes with a stroller or children.

    ・ We accept only groups that include Japanese speakers in order to provide good service, because most of us do not speak English.
    Sorry to trouble you, but please come with someone who speak Japanese.
    (Most of the classroom staff cannot speak English, so to provide a good experience,
    Reservations can only be made for groups with Japanese-speaking people.
    We apologize for any inconvenience, but please come with a Japanese-speaking person. )

    ・ Experience classes are also available in each of the following classrooms ☆
    Tokyo Aoyama Class / Tokyo Ginza Class / Aichi Nagoya Sakae Class / Osaka Umeda Class / Osaka Hirakata Park Class / Fukuoka Tenjin Class

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    Guest userExcellent Experience

    Al in my Japanese was not very good, we can still communicate. She was very patience and nice.

    • 5.0
    Participating date: May 2019

    Guest user很 Stick-like experience, teacher

    是 朋 一一 一 Y 一 YYu 工房 的 藝 體驗, 藝 體驗 作 作 作 們 亦 成 完成 作成 ,, 先生 的 專 作 們 大 界, 很 地 地 地 指導 大 自己 成 自己 作 作品, 讓 大 共同 Joint Passion One good-looking late afternoon, highly recommended, studio 的 下樓 Cafe 很 Shiodome (PS teacher main 說 Sun Words, yes, yes, companion Sun Verbal mail service)

    • 5.0
    Participating date: April 2019

    Guest userThanks to easy guidance, we were able to enjoy!

    Thanks to the bright and gentle guidance, it was delicious and I was able to experience it.
    When I was in trouble I was saved a great deal of help as a beginner that made the atmosphere easy to call my teacher and I was thankful!
    Very nice memories and works were made!
    I'm looking forward to the finished work ('◡ `)
    If there is another opportunity, thank you very much.

    • 5.0
    Participating date: August 2018

    Access - Map

    福岡県福岡市中央区大名 1-2-38 2F
    Assembly point

    Yu Kobo Fukuoka Tenjin​ ​
    Fukuoka prefecture Fukuoka city Chuo-ku Daimyo 1-2-38 2F
    10 minutes on foot from Fukuoka Nishitetsu Fukuoka Tenjin Station South Exit. From the Apple Store Fukuoka Tenjin store, turn right at the second corner and turn left after entering.

    If you arrive by car

    Please use nearby coin parking.

    If you arrive by train

    10 minutes on foot from Fukuoka Nishitetsu Fukuoka Tenjin Station South Exit. Apple store From Fukuoka Tenjin store cross the pedestrian crossing, turn right at the first corner and turn left after entering.

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