Trekking in Japan

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Originally trek is seems word that migrants has been used to mean "move". Trekking is the outdoor sports that refers to a wide hiking. That the aim of the ascent to the mountain climbing that is the primary purpose, trekking is not especially particular about the summit, to walk in the mountains have the purpose, aims to interaction with health promotion and nature. Trekking that can be touched in nature. Impression of a superb view can not be seen only person who went to the mountain. Rare alpine plants and wild birds, encounter, such as surprise and discovery of a wild animal, in addition to the re-recognition of Japan's natural beauty, you can experience the sense of accomplishment that I walked in without their feet make you feel quite the usual. Depending on where there is also a place where radio waves of the mobile phone does not reach, you can also experience the extraordinary feeling of not in everyday life. Since it does not require special skills than climbing with, it is also attractive to enjoy anyone to easily if you can even prepare.

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