Things to do in Gunma

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It is a popular activity, Fun and hands-on leisure and tourism of Japan's largest information sites, such as to introduce a spot that can be in a natural rich Gunma Prefecture, to the extent it is no exaggeration to say that in Japan. Speaking of Gunma Prefecture, torrent down rafting, river kayaking, such as canyoning, shower climbing. Since the origin of the Tone River is in the water of Gunma Prefecture, Gunma Prefecture, it is a treasure trove of River activities. In addition to this Gunma Prefecture, such as glasswork and pottery, traditional crafts are famous by skilled craftsmen. In this site, we are pleased to introduce such craft tours and factory tours around the building workshop those of Gunma Prefecture. Create a sake Miya accessories of only only one their own in the world of handmade unique, you can leave the production and works as memories of the trip. Reservations are accepted from one person!

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