Rafting in Gunma

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Speaking of popular rafting spot in the Kanto, it is water (water) town gather domestic and foreign tourists. Canoe and hot springs, family trips and summer vacation of children, the BBQ camping and autumn leaves, we recommend the use of also serves as the accommodation available in the various scenes. Canyoning Water offers a natural swim in a river of outdoor tour in a wide range up to the Okutama from Gunma Prefecture. BIGWAVE big wave safety and security is of reputation that owns the qualification of the world certified guide, so we prepared the course with a pick-up lunch from Tokyo, do not miss. Rafting tour, have held the course of half-day and one day, the best smile such fun with memories of matches and photos experience packed DVD plans in the spray there is also the company's popular. May to June starts from the beginning of spring in April enjoy a torrent, the summer of July to September, especially in the popular period of Obon, we recommend early your application. It is the confirmation of the weekends of the charges and set time, such deals of special planning campaign, also like group discount Do not miss. There is also a case where the amount of water will be canceled on the day because of the flooding, so you go is usually contact the day before the participants, please let us know the phone number just in case the time of booking. In exhilarating sporting event feel free to enjoy, because the staff has to acquire the qualification of rescue training, it is safe. Attire swimsuit provides a desirable, human contact, please use the paid rental of swim goggles or glasses band. Starting to move to the start point and change of clothes is finished, in the rapids of the field, excitement excitement of the experience is the repeaters often. In addition, the provisions of such eligible to participate, such as more than elementary school students, please also been identified, such as schedule. Minakami is, in Japan's leading rafting spot, by all means, while also in the reference information in the reviews, please try to challenge if there is an opportunity.

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