Things to do in Shima/Agatsuma/Kawarayu

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Or a four-Onsen, which is referred to as the "name hot water of the gastrointestinal" from ancient times there in Nakanojo Speaking of Gunma Prefecture, there is a beautiful Shimagawa Dam of cobalt blue. Potholes there from Aika Bridge of forty thousand Aika between the downstream 130 meters is a huge Iwaana made to the riverbed, it has been designated to the prefecture of the designated natural monument. Because for those who want to know more are also held tours for the dam, it is also recommended to participate in the tourism followed. You come upon a superb view of the unbelievably the same Japan. In addition, the dam lake is located in the most secluded location of the four-Onsen, you can see the contrast of the lake and fresh green-colored leaves because around there is a promenade course of about an hour. Others are enriched outdoor activities are also at forty thousand lakes, you can enjoy the activities that can make you feel the nature, such as canoeing and fishing, kayaking and canyoning. It is good to move the body in the outdoors after enjoying the hot springs and meal of the trip.

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