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Speaking of Gunma prefecture, it is located in Nakanojo-machi and has long been known as "gastrointestinal hot spring" from old times, and there is a beautiful Shimbashigawa dam of cobalt blue. A hole located 130 m downstream from the autumn bridge of 40 thousand autumn is a huge rock which was formed on the bottom of the river, and it is designated as a designated natural treasure in the prefecture. For tourists who want to know more about the dam, tour tours are also held, so it is also recommended that you participate in sightseeing. You can meet the extraordinary scenery you can not think of the same Japan. In addition, the dam lake is located in the most back place of the Shima hot spring, and there is a walk course about 1 hour around so you can see the contrast between the lake and the fresh green / autumn leaves. Besides, at the 40,000 lake the outdoor activities are enriched and you can enjoy activities such as canoeing, fishing, kayaking and canyoning. After enjoying the hot springs and meals of the trip, it is good to move your body outdoors.


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