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GREEN DISCOVERY (Green Discovery)GREEN DISCOVERY (Green Discovery)

群馬 / 渋川・伊香保

GREEN DISCOVERY(グリーンディスカバリー)の特徴

Rafting / Canyoning / Welcome to the mountain bike of Green Discovery! Furthermore name hot water Ikaho 20 minutes hot springs in the car. Ikaho get the power in Haruna shrine entered the hot spring! ! Haruna Shrine is now very topic as a power spot. You also this season, why not try a new experience at Green Discovery?

GREEN DISCOVERY(グリーンディスカバリー) のギャラリー


Gunma Prefecture Shibukawa Akagi-cho, Tsukuda 169
business hours <受付時間> 8:00-18:00 予約が必要になりますが、ツアーごとに催行時間が異なります。
Regular holiday Season for each tour is different, but during the season will be seven days a week.
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