Snowshoes in Japan 252Results / Popularity order

One of snow walking tool that can be said with the Western "snowshoe" is snowshoeing. Walking on snow wearing this, that an increasingly popular as a play that feel free to get close to the snow-covered mountains is a snowshoeing tour. Snowshoe of the material is mostly plastic and duralumin. Compared with the snowshoe, can the operation (Russell) is easier to push aside the snow, compared with such as cross-country skiing and telemark skiing, uphill walking is easier the case for features. It does not require a difficult technology even further if the downlink. Depending on the choice of the tour, from the nature-watching until the winter training of the runner, can anyone feel free to experience regardless of the level and age is attractive. In order to enjoy safe as play also, equipped with sufficient knowledge of the snow-covered mountains, to choose a guided tour, which is under the guidance of experienced professionals is the best.