Guide Office Pika のギャラリー
Guide Office Pika のギャラリー
Guide Office Pika のギャラリー
Guide Office Pika のギャラリー

Guide Office Pika

Guide Office Pika features

"Guide Office Pika" is a Sapporo-based mountain climbing guide office. We are holding a mountaineering tour that covers the entire area of Hokkaido. We provide generous support unique to small groups on all tours. Pika is the English name for the pika. We are trying to provide a guide service that is small but safe and secure, imitating the pikas who have learned how to survive the harsh and wonderful nature of Hokkaido. I think it is the role of the guide to increase the appeal of Hokkaido many times through guiding. We will do our best to make your mountain trip the best memory, so thank you for your cooperation!

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Guide Office Pika staff introduction

  • Yuki Nagatani(ナガヤ ユウキ) Assigned events/Years of experience, etc.:7 years as a guide. In charge of the entire tour. [Acquisition license] ・ Certified by the Japan Mountain Guide Association Mountaineering Guide Stage II ・ Canada Yamunuska Mountaineering Semester Completed ・ Wilderness First Aid Responder ・ CAA ATS Level 2 ・ Avalanche Business Employee Level 1

    Born in Hokkaido, he was a genuine Hokkaido horse who grew up running around the northern land after spending his days in athletics. Acting as a hiking guide in the Canadian Rocky Mountains Natural Parks, Canada. After returning to Japan, he is active as a mountain climbing / trail running guide in Hokkaido.

Information on Guide Office Pika

Insurance information Mountain guide liability insurance Coverage: Physical compensation: 200 million yen per person Property compensation: 5 million yen per accident Dealer: Freude Underwriting Insurance Company Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Insurance Co., Ltd.
License and Qualifications Japan Mountain Guide Association Mountaineering Guide Stage II
Member organizations and associations Japan Mountain Guide Association, Hokkaido Mountain Guide Association
Number of staff 1persons
Selling points regarding safety The guide is qualified for the Wilderness First Aid. We carry a first aid kit with us during the tour and strive to ensure a safe tour.

Guide Office Pika access - operating hours

Teine Ward, Sapporo City, Hokkaido
Operating hours 9:00 to 18:00
Regular holidays No particulars

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