Backcountry in Japan

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Rather than artificially managed slopes (ski area), once the entire snow mountain that deviates from the management area was referred to as "back country". At present, it means that the mountain skiing, alpine skiing, snowboarding, such as telemark skiing outdoors to enjoy in a natural snow-covered mountains (backcountry). Backcountry, necessarily that the summit not to target, different from the climbing, which is also the same snow-covered mountains of the outdoors. In addition, after the hike up (climbing) is also in the backcountry characterized by there is a fun slide down. Haiku up the runway of in the absence of artifacts silvery white world, can be thought of as a big attraction of the backcountry. Powder snow riding experience that does not taste on the slopes is exceptional. Backcountry snowboarding is, wear the snowshoes at the time of hike up, the board is attached to Zach, we look forward to in a way that the equipment in reverse when the slide down.

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