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Not the artificially managed ski resort (ski resort), but the entire snowy mountain that was out of its control area was once called "back country". Currently it means outdoor such as mountain skiing, alpine skiing, snowboarding and telemark skiing which you enjoy with natural snowy mountains (backcountry). The backcountry is different from the mountaineering which is also the outdoor of the same snowy mountain in that it does not necessarily target the summit. Also, after hiking up (climbing) there is fun to slide down is also a feature of backcountry. Hiking up and running in the white world without artefacts can be said to be a big attraction of the back country. Powder snow riding experience which can not be enjoyed in the slopes is exceptional. Backcountry on snowboarding, wearing a snowshoe when hiking up, wearing a board on a zack, and enjoying the way to reverse the equipment when going downhill.


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