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In the snow-rich Hakkoda, enjoy skiing and snowboarding on the slopes, you can enjoy the powder run in the backcountry. From GW around, starts the season of trekking, hiking, you can enjoy the forest in the beech forests and Hiba natural forest. Also prefecture Mizujo many, also has been enhanced activity in the waterside. If Dase rowing sunrise and before to Lake Towada in the canoe, you'll be able to attend to the fantastic moment start shine lake.



It was a bad weather day, so I could not see the ice. However, it was sunny the next morning so the ropeway was moving so I could see the ice - ice. Other than that, the route I got from the guide (Mr. Mr. Tanuki) was also nice because it was almost like a rental environment. Thanks to you I enjoyed it. I also want to go play if there is opportunity. * Because the size of the uploadable photo is 2 MB or less, omit it. I guess there are not many photos of 2 MB or less recently.