Snowboarding in Japan

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Snowboard like the ski, you can somehow slip in one day if you will Subero also own way, but stops the operation is said to be quite difficult. If desired the quick and safe progress, it recommends is still school. The number of schools is not very large numbers, seems to 6 people about at a time is desirable. Of course, there are individual differences, in the lessons of about two hours, skating, getting on and off the lift, it stops on the left and right, will be able to almost to the extent that, by the time it is possible to get off slipped the beginner course in four hours of lessons It has been said to be. Let's try in succession without leaving as much as possible the day. If there is an opportunity, rather than a day of just the weekend, the progress is better to lessons about 3 consecutive days is fast, is the same as other sports.

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