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FILLER のギャラリー
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FILLER のギャラリー
FILLER のギャラリー
FILLER のギャラリー
FILLER のギャラリー
FILLER のギャラリー
FILLER のギャラリー
FILLER のギャラリー
FILLER のギャラリー
FILLER のギャラリー
FILLER のギャラリー
FILLER のギャラリー


FILLER features

~ Management Philosophy ~ There is a table in a society where ties are connected by scholarship and Yoshishi Roppongi, and ties are built, and ties are connected and a circle is born.

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Participating date: August 2018
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FILLER recommended points

Equipped with a private kitchen car

Environmental hygiene and disaster prevention are safe with a restaurant business license! !!

Exclusive Awaji Island farmhouse

A harvest experience that you can freely do in partnership with an exclusive Awajishima farmer

Equipment for marine sports

Dedicated diving equipment Dedicated SUP board Dedicated surfboard All maintained safe and secure

FILLER staff introduction

  • While(つつ) Assigned events/Years of experience, etc.:◼︎ PADI Dive Master ◼︎ Tour Planner ◼︎ Travel Business Handling Manager ◼︎ Small Vessel First Class

    Nickname: Tsutsutsun Hobbies: Skin diving, fishing, disc golf, cruising, tennis surfing We will convey the true value to our customers through travel and fun. Customers are always the protagonists! We aim to be such a friendly shop where you can interact with customers for decades to come! We will always tell you at 100% ☆

  • Megumi (Megumi)(メグミ) Assigned events/Years of experience, etc.:Item / experience in charge Year Number etc: ■ Hula Instructor Megumi malie 2010 Year Go to Hawaii alone and learn hula. 2011 Year Meet Dr. Wannahula Sarah Chang. 2012 Year Hula Instructor Basic, Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced qualifications. ~ Hula guidance start. 2016 Year Finish the free-minded hula trip and restart as #Meguhula#. 2017 We send hula as #Meguhula#, and also tell hula in various nursery schools belonging to Kobe olive nursery school.

    2016 After a free-spirited hula trip, restarted as "Meguhula". In 2017, he released hula as "Meguhula", and also belongs to Kobe Olive Nursery School and conveys hula at various nursery schools.

  • Akihisa Yamashita (Yamashita Akihisa)(ヤマシタ アキヒサ) Assigned events/Years of experience, etc.:Item / experience in charge Year Number etc: ■ PADI Diving Instructor # 822 196 ■ BSAC Diving Instructor # 3808 OW ■ Blue Olina Diving Club representative ■ FILLER exclusive instructor

    Nickname: ぃ

    Only the heart of enjoying the sea is second to none! !
    "If the staff is not fun, the customer is not fun"
    We provide our customers with the best service for their motto.
    I will tell you the value of the sea with all my strength!

  • Asamin(あさみん) Assigned events/Years of experience, etc.:If you are in charge of healing Yoron Island, please leave it to us ♪

    Toward a society where individuals can empower each other by recognizing their individuality

  • Wren(れん) Assigned events/Years of experience, etc.:Beauty registered dietitian in charge of female perspective ♪

    Creating the possibility of people's step by continuing to challenge themselves

  • Become(ナル) Assigned events/Years of experience, etc.:Awaji Island City Boy Farmer Solo Camp Specialist

    Selfishness is always exciting

  • Sebastian(セバスチャン) Assigned events/Years of experience, etc.:Kitchen car charge Tan boys like gals better than three meals

    Selfish first intention Toru

  • Shidakusu(シダックス) Assigned events/Years of experience, etc.:Piano music charge

    We will realize a beautiful society where a wide variety of "individuality" shines by delivering "impression" to everyone who is involved with ourselves and producing abundant human resources who have "dreams and aspirations".

  • politics(せいじ) Assigned events/Years of experience, etc.:Handsome cook

    Have your own ideals and live in belief

Information on FILLER

Authorization issued by Hyogo prefecture
License and Qualifications PADI / BSAC
Number of staff 6persons
Number of instructors 2persons
Selling points regarding safety Staff with careers are enrolled in both land and water. All underwater experience is more than 10 years.

FILLER access - operating hours

403 Reed Southern Building, 1-180-1, Asagiri Minamimachi, Akashi City, Hyogo Prefecture
Operating hours 10:00 to 19:00
Regular holidays No scheduled holidays

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