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"Kobe City" where many foreign houses are left is a popular city as a sightseeing spot, but also here you can enjoy various experiences. In the Kitano-cho area of ​​Chuo Ward, the "Kitano Workshop Town" where you can experience manufacturing experience is attracting the attention, glass-made glass bowls and snow gloves are introduced. Business hours are from 10 o'clock to 17 o'clock, there are no holidays throughout the year and open on weekdays, but it will change somewhat depending on the store, so please check with receptionist. Kobe Art Scholastic Ceramics School's pottery experience is also popular, and if you are over the age of 60, you can become a member with no charge to join. Also, in Sannomiya, the center of Kobe City, a 500 yen esthetic experience has also been drawing attention, so people who are interested are encouraged to book early. There seems to be a Kobe person who likes new things, such as a camping near Arima Onsen and a SUP cruise on Hyogo runway. We will introduce plans that you can experience in Kobe!


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