Things to do in Hyogo

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Hyogo is the area where there is a night view and exotic sights of attractions packed such as Ijinkan tour of Kobe from Mt. Rokko Kobe. In addition, Kobe beef and Akashi grilled, gourmet, etc., also a gourmet who want to eat in a local lot. Such in the sea and the Hyogo area surrounded by the nature of the mountain, at sea, such as Awaji Island and Akashi, experience plans and marine sports, using the mountain has been held many experience tour you can enjoy nature. There is also that it is a land further visited by many tourists, in the workshop, from those carefully addressed, easy ones glasswork and pottery to enjoy in a short period of time, tile clay, leather bag making, such as, adults, of course, also experience a child so also can plan has been carried out various is recommended to see and experience in tourism followed. For more information on events such as the participation conditions and held time, check the information that is displayed on each page, please make a reservation.

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