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Hyogo is an area with sightseeing spots full of highlights such as night view from Kobe city Rokko Mountain and visiting Kobe's foreign houses full of exoticism. Also, there are plenty of gourmets that you would like to eat locally, such as Kobe beef and Akashi Grill. In the Hyogo area surrounded by such nature of the sea and the mountains, there are many marine sports experience plans in Awaji Island and Akashi seas and experiencing tours that can enjoy nature using mountains. In addition, there are also things that visitors often visit, and at workshops, from adults to handy things that can be enjoyed in a short period of time, glass workers and ceramics, tile clay, leather bag making etc, adults as well as children experience Because many plans can be done, it is recommended to see and experience sightseeing. Please check the information displayed on each page, please make a reservation for details of event participation conditions and holding time etc.