Paragliding in Japan 140Results / Popularity order

Paragliding is the most simple is in the Sky Sports. Also, you say that recommended activities for beginners to become as relatively progress is fly early. In addition, the most competition population in the Sky Sports many, from the fact the proportion of women is high, ask the thing that has been enjoyed by a wide range of layer. I ran down the slope like a hang glider, and then take off to catch the updraft by using the wing like a parachute. It will be able to fly even if there is no special knowledge and capabilities. It does not have anything special difficult thing to fly the paraglider. Also during the flight, sitting in a chair type of cockpit (harness), you are possible to enjoy because only easily air walk pull the control stick (break code) with both hands. Feeling to glide while floating as his body was like becoming a bird will be a strange and addictive. I overlaid the flight, if the paraglider advanced enough to read the airflow, or up to what one thousand meters altitude, is also possible to perform the flight of hundreds of kilometers away. In addition, some of the paraglider, there are also those that paragliding with the engine and fan of the force called "motor paraglider".


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