Things to do in Nasu/Itamuro

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Nasu, which is also known under the name of Royal Resort has good access from the Tokyo metropolitan area, feel free to be able to visit, the beautiful scenery from being able to enjoy the beautiful nature of the plateau, is a popular resort. Takaku area has become a center of Nasu Nasu-machi, Nasu-gun, and Nasushiobara also a variety of attractions and facilities of the next, there is a restaurant, you can be a variety of ways to enjoy from children to adults. Popular of the children, zoo and amusement park, is a theme park. In the "Rindoko" is in Nasu-machi, in addition to can enjoy the attractions, such as vehicle, Dari familiar with the animals in the park, there is also a pleasure to see the scenery. Nasu and tourist information, a reputed restaurant, a popular tourist spot information, such as by examining in advance homepage and SNS, we recommend that you check.

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