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Also known as the Royal resort, Nasu is a popular resort area because it has good access from the metropolitan area, can easily visit and can enjoy beautiful scenery with beautiful scenery of the plateau. Nasu's Nasu-gun is the center of Nasu, Takasaka area of ​​Nasu-gun, and the neighboring Nasushiobara-shi have various sights, facilities and restaurants, and you can do various ways of enjoying from children to adults. Children are popular in zoos, amusement parks, theme parks. You can enjoy attractions such as vehicles at "Rindo Lake" in Nasu-machi, as well as have fun seeing themselves with the animals in the park and viewing the scenery. It is recommended that you check in advance in Nasu's sightseeing information, restaurants with high reputation, popular sightseeing spots on the homepage or SNS, and make sure.