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There are many valuable cultures in Kyoto that inherit the old traditions to now. Many people visit Kyoto sightseeing not only from Japan but from all over the world to learn such a historical tradition, classrooms that learn traditional arts such as maiko and traditional culture such as tea ceremony and calligraphy are becoming popular. There are other experiences facilities in Kyoto city where you can learn various craft items. First of all, Kyo folding fan's painting experience. Since the production time is about 60 minutes, you can easily experience sightseeing easily and you are very pleased with yourself or souvenir. In addition, there are tours of town houses and kimono experiences, etc. There are also courses etc. where you can experience dressing on your own and go out as kimono. For those who do not have much time, 6 minutes on foot to Kiyomizudera, easy access to popular sightseeing spots such as Kodaiji, Yasaka Shrine and Gion, within easy walking distance within a 10-minute walk within easy walking distance of two year slope and three year slope It is recommended. Because it is possible in 20 minutes, convenience of dropping in while sightseeing is also an attractive activity.