Things to do in Nagaokakyo/Uji/Minamiyamashiro


In Nagaoka, Uji, Nanshan area is the spot that has been left many natural. Such as approximately 250 cherry trees and autumn leaves of up to 1.4km there is the famous "castle Yodogawa river park" and the Japanese garden and lawn plaza "Keihanna Memorial Park", are many parks where you can enjoy families. In addition, Nagaokakyo is famous as an area that has been left many mysteries of history. Japanese politics is cents from Heijokyo of Nara of Kyoto to Heian-kyo, was moved to Nagaoka. But is the only 10 years did not exist, it has been known as the capital of illusion. In this neighborhood of the plan, it is many activities that take advantage of nature. Or can canoe in Kizu, offers a Kyoto can enjoy plan while moving or the body can picking tea leaves in the tea plantations of Uji.

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