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Tell the real thing to people in Japan and abroad. Communicate Japanese culture to many people. We provide authenticity to domestic and foreign people and show JAPANESE culture to many people.

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Community Contribution

There are five popular classrooms in Kyoto and Osaka that are visited by many customers from overseas and domestic, and they have experience of tea ceremony at temples and shrines. Currently, we are communicating Japanese culture to contribute to the community such as classrooms, schools, hotels, and community activities.

~ Notice 2019 ~

(1) September Keirokai (Osaka) We will treat about 100 customers with all our heart. (2) September School Lecture (3) November Culture Communication Association (Nara) There are temples, shrines, and sightseeing spots in the vicinity. On that day, you can spend an elegant time such as a tea party, lunch, and walking around sightseeing spots.

~ Notice 2020 ~

(4) January 2020 Hatsugama (5) April 2020 Tea Ceremony (Kyoto) Manfukuji Manjuin will be the chairman of the tea ceremony. If you are interested in Japanese culture, tea ceremony, or dressing, please feel free to contact us.

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