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Osaka prefecture has many experiential events and schools that adults and children can enjoy. Contents of the plan and course varies from sports to manufacturing, such as buckwheat experience that parents and children can enjoy together, ceramics classes that even beginners can enjoy, variety from course to sports. There are lots of reasonable prices, some are free check-in because there are things that you can experience free of charge. There are things that you can join in the classroom of sweets making and cooking, but not preparing anything by hand, and it is also popular because we can taste together with everyone. It is also possible to make reservations the day before, so there are things that can be easily casually participated, as well as groups, so how about having fun on holidays and summer vacation? Also, depending on the event and the school, the date of holding may be undefined. Let's reserve and apply after confirming detailed information such as the number of people who can participate and the date and time. In addition, when canceling or changing reservation content, there is a possibility that a fee will be charged, so we encourage you to call us promptly. We will introduce a list of events and schools where "experiences" can be held, which is held in Osaka Prefecture.