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I would like to try udon noodle shopping experiences once, but there are also people who think that it seems to be difficult. However, it is not so difficult, and since the number of people is free, it is easy for anyone in the family to experience it. At Activity Japan, you can book nationwide noodles and soba noodles experience online, and if you are in business hours you can also make reservations by phone. Preparation of buckwheat flour etc etc can be taken at the dojo so we can go hand in hand and prepare for soba noodle easily without anything in particular. Usage is often divided into morning and afternoon, so it is easy to participate, so you can do it at your convenience. It is also ideal for going on sightseeing on holiday by looking for guidance in advance. There is a set of tools such as aprons and kitchen knives, and you can do it in about an hour for noodles and soba noodles that you can eat as a meal on the spot or go home and take it as you want, so please join us once How about watching?


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