Things to do in "Gion/Higashiyama/ Kitashirakawa Area" 184Results / Popularity order

Gion/Higashiyama/ Kitashirakawa is area with lots of dynamic and beautiful temples. From the main temple of Kiyoshi Wed temple, known as the "stage of Qing Wed", you can see a magnificent view from the height of about 12 meters. In addition, there is a huge glittering Fri temple, which has Fri foil inside and outside the building, and thirty-three It is characterized by many temples registered as World Heritage sites as "cultural properties of the ancient capital Kyoto" such as Gyodo. At Gion/Higashiyama/ Kitashirakawa, we have a plan to wear kimonos, so how about visiting a temple while enjoying the atmosphere of Kyoto .


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