Things to do in Arashiyama/Sagano/Takao

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400m as high growth was Arashiyama small diameter is famous forest is followed by bamboo forest of bamboo, and or is selected in the "100 best Japanese cherry attractions", known as a cherry tree and autumn leaves of attractions, visited by all means if I came to Kyoto like spot. Sagano area, seen beautiful gardens in Tenryu temple of the prestigious Zen temple, in the fall you can see the brilliant autumn leaves from the garden. Kaohsiung Saimyoji and Jingo-ji, such as Kozan-ji Temple, because of the area rich number of temples that autumn leaves are seen beautifully there, to see the wonderful views of the temple, would be good to carry a foot. In this area, Kyoto confectionery and eight bridges, offers a lot of activities to make the food of Japan tradition, such as tofu. Food made with their own will be a taste unforgettable.

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