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[Kyoto/ Kamigyo Ward] Easy but full-fledged lighting! Japanese paper candle lamp course, 40 minutes to completion!

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  • Beginners welcome - First try
  • Recommended for dating
  • Empty-hands OK
  • Operate rain or shine
  • Children welcome
  • Possible number of bookings
  • Participating age
    6Age ~ 100 Age
  • Duration
    Within 1 hour
Plan description

The "Washi Candle Lamp Course" is based on a glass candle holder, pasted with colorfully dyed ultra-thin Japanese paper, and cut out your favorite pattern with a wide variety of cutout punches! Anyone can easily do it. A nice Japanese paper lamp is completed. It's not just a candle, but a very soft light that wraps around the space because it passes through Japanese paper. Since it is a candle type that does not require a cord, it can be easily placed anywhere. You can use it as soon as you take it home, so it will be your favorite healing item from that day (^ _-)-☆ You can use it for yourself or as a gift. Great for Christmas and other home parties! I want to experience something unique to Kyoto! If you think that, please feel free to challenge. You can make your own light (table stand lighting) using Japanese paper. of course! We will explain it carefully, so anyone can feel free to join us, including families, couples, and women. The moment when the completed Japanese paper light lights up is a truly moving experience! (*'▽')

Japanese paper + candle = soft healing light ♪

The light that passes through the ultra-thin Japanese paper that is pasted on top of each other becomes a soft "light" that wraps the space.

40 minutes to complete. It's easy, but you can enjoy making full-scale lights.

Making in Kyoto Healing Japanese items that make you feel Kyoto

Make your own healing items while touching the soft Japanese paper. Handmade experience in a relaxing time.

About fees

Basic fee

※The list price includes tax.
※The above price is a basic fee.
※Fees may vary depending on schedule, please check the fee displayed after selecting the date.

Payment methods
  • オンライン決済
  • あと払い(ペイディ)
  • 現地払い
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Reservation cancellation fee generation date 催行日の1日前からキャンセル料金が発生いたします。
About cancellation In case of cancellation or change, please contact us as soon as possible by phone. If canceled due to customer's convenience, a cancellation fee will be charged. The day before: 50% of the participation fee On the day: 100% of the participation fee

Detailed information of this plan

Required minimum number of participants 2 Person(s)
Possible number of bookings 2~4
About duration
Within 1 hour
Approximately 40 minutes and easy experience! You can take the finished product as it is (^ _ -) - ☆ Of course you can also deliver it (shipping fee separately).
Operating period 2018/10/13〜
Assembly time 10: 00
15: 30
※ Please be sure to fill in the Remarks time with your desired time at the time of reservation.
Booking deadline until 23:59 the day before

Changing room Toilet
Shower Parking

Dress code - Must bring items A bag for taking home the finished work (paper bags etc)
* It is also possible to send it to your home by Takkyubin (shipping fee separately)
About rental items No particulars

Matters require attention Experience On the day Visitor only, accompanying customers only 1000 yen I accept it.
Other notifications ◆ Please come to the reservation time. Production time will be shortened depending on the status of reservations before and after. Please be especially careful when coming by car. Kyoto Since the city has a lot of traffic, please plan with plenty of room. * We recommend using public transport as much as possible.

◆ If you do not contact us for 30 minutes from the reservation time, the reservation will be canceled regardless of the reason. In that case, a cancellation fee will be charged (please refer to the attached table).

◆ Simultaneous admission only for visits and attendants only during the experience rejected Doing.

◆ One person will be produced per person. Making one work with two people rejected Doing.

* However, elementary school students less Please contact us for children.

◆ In the studio rejected Doing.
◆ Other, If you do not follow the instructions of the production instructor or annoying other customers, you may leave. You will still be charged for the experience.

Plan attractions

プランの魅力 Japanese paper + candle = healing light の画像

Japanese paper + candle = healing light You can make nice and cute candle lamps! For directing at a house party. As your own healing item. For gifts. .. .. Of course, it is also recommended for those who are looking for a Kyoto-like experience (^^ ♪

プランの魅力 Also in the interior の画像

Also in the interior The light of the swaying candles passes through the Japanese paper and gently wraps the space.

プランの魅力  の画像

プランの魅力 Let's make it by hand with someone you like! の画像

Let's make it by hand with someone you like! A wonderful experience of making lamps using Japanese paper. With friends, families with children, and elderly people. Please feel free to join us.

プランの魅力 Feel free to wear a kimono (^ _-)-☆ の画像

Feel free to wear a kimono (^ _-)-☆ Participation is OK empty-handed! Completed on the day, it is compact to take home.

プランの魅力 Complete! Involuntarily smile (*'▽') の画像

Complete! Involuntarily smile (*'▽') The cute light is completed.

プランの魅力 as you like! の画像

as you like! Decorate your favorite base color and your favorite pattern.

プランの魅力 Children can also participate! の画像

Children can also participate!

プランの魅力 It ’s a Kyoto-like experience. の画像

It ’s a Kyoto-like experience. Experience "Japanese" using traditional Japanese paper

プランの魅力 Come on in the family! の画像

Come on in the family! You can enjoy it in a wide range of age groups, so please come with your family (^^ ♪)

プランの魅力  の画像

プランの魅力  の画像

プランの魅力  の画像

プランの魅力 Everything is original の画像

Everything is original As an option, you can also choose a wooden stand made by Akari Design Studio.

プランの魅力 If the candle shines, the individuality also shines の画像

If the candle shines, the individuality also shines One of the charms of making lights is that each individuality is expressed.

プランの魅力 I'm crazy about making things! の画像

I'm crazy about making things! I wonder what it will be like. I'm thrilled with expectations (^^) /

プランの魅力 Everyone is crazy (^^) / の画像

Everyone is crazy (^^) / A special experience will make a special memory.

Time schedule

Two people's anniversary

Two people's anniversary It's cute even if you make it together ^ ^

Fascinated by the faint light

Fascinated by the faint light The light of the swaying candle melts into the space and heals the mind.

Access - Map

422 Shimonocho, Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto
Assembly point

Akari design workshop

If you arrive by car

* There is a paid P nearby

If you arrive by train

JR Sagano Line "Emmachi Station", 10 minutes walk east along Marutamachi Dori from the front

If you arrive by other means of transportation

There is a coin park nearby.

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