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Kawaramachi, Karasuma and Omiya pass through the main line of Hankyu Kyoto , and the surrounding Shijyo street has been regarded as the main street for a long time, and it is regarded as the center of east and west of Kyoto . Therefore, many sites of various histories are left. The Nijo Castle to was built as Ieyasu Tokugawa of lodgings in the Edo period, "the ancient capital Kyoto was registered as a World Heritage Site (Cultural Heritage) as one of the cultural property of". Also, it is one of the features that there are many sites of unexplained incidents such as the site of the Shinsengumi Temple and Honnoji Temple change. The plan you have prepared in the Sun a number of manufacturing experience of this tradition, Dyestuff experience in, a handkerchief or a bag Sun you can make the original ones in the dyed the way of this tradition.


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