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You can experience chopstick making experience at workshops such as Tokyo and Kanagawa. Being able to produce original chopsticks is a popular reason. Various attractions such as designing their favorite illustrations as chopsticks and making original originality unique to handmade are packed. First of all, let's check the nationwide chopstick making studio at Activity Japan. You can also make your favorite chopsticks and brag about your friends. Also, it is good to jointly experience with your favorite people. Please enjoy making chopsticks while enjoying the process of processing freely. I can ask the staff what I do not know. Experience is also popular as a tourist attraction from Kansai to the Kanto area, so I recommend you to make an appointment from Activity Japan.



Until we started doing it, I thought that for children, I thought that it might be monotonous, but it was just a misery. Through the work carefully explained the value of the material and the relation of Japanese instruments (shamisen) of the profession, time quickly passed. As the process progressed, the touch became smooth, and like increasing the brilliance, it seems that it was easy for you to get absorbed as changes in hands were transmitted. It was a valuable experience. Thank you very much.