Things to do in Higashi Izu

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The Izu There are a variety of tourist attractions. There is first the facilities such as Izu Animal Kingdom and aquariums, such as a giraffe in the park, you can enjoy up close the animals such as dolphins at the aquarium. Order could spin also peace of mind children, it is also recommended for a family holiday. The hot spring is famous Atami and Shimoda in Japan as well, because they also enhance access to Numazu, is also recommended for people who like hot springs tour. Izu Peninsula and the Suruga Bay, or slowly while looking at Mount Fuji in the coast of Amagi, by or to use the attraction such as paragliding, it will be also be a valuable experience. The surrounding area Shuzenji and parks, there is also a square, you can enjoy even just to go out dating. The Minamiizu and Izu, Ito, because there is a pleasant spot, such as to be a variety of Yugashima, this information about the area to watch and search results compared to a site that has been the introduction of their favorite places in the list you may try to find. Since the plan might also have been held, which it can participate in the only book in the site, Check it out.

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