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Izu has various tourist attractions. There are facilities such as Izu Animal Kingdom and aquarium, and you can enjoy animals such as dolphins at the aquarium, such as giraffe in the park and aquarium. It is also recommended for family trips as children can relax with confidence. In addition, because access to Atami, Shimoda and Numazu famous hot springs are also fulfilling in Japan, it is also recommended for people who like spa areas. You can also have valuable experiences by slowly watching Mt. Fuji on the coast of Izu Peninsula, Suruga Bay, Amagi and using the attractions such as paragliding. There are Shuzenji, parks, plazas in the surrounding area, you can enjoy even just going out on a date. There are also various fun spots in Minamiizu, Izukogen, Ito, Yugashima and so on, compare it on the site where information about this area is introduced in the list, or look at the search results and add your own favorite places It's better to try it. It may be necessary to reserve a plan within the site so it is necessary to check it.