Things to do in Hakone

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In the famous Hakone Hakone Ekiden, because of the region where there is an active volcanic activity, such as Yumoto hot springs and Lake Ashi hot springs, there are many famous hot spring facilities. Many inns and hotels of calm atmosphere, is the resort of Japan's leading that can heal slowly daily fatigue. Mount Fuji as seen from Lake Ashi is beautiful, where you can ride a tour boat that Hakone pirate ship. The Owakudani a famous area in the black egg, is a tourist spot that represents the Hakone. A number of attractions and popular tourist attractions, is the spot Hakone that can also be over in a bus that is popular around the adults. In this area, offers cycling and kayaking the Hakone of Mother Nature Megureru. In addition, since you can rent a kimono is in the old-fashioned full of Hakone town, will invite you to explore the town in kimono in memories of the journey or.

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