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Kansai in the tourist area of ??Japan's leading even Nara Prefecture, which is visited by many school trips students and tourists in the region, we want to check the information because they are many organized tours to visit and various temples. Besides, there is also a temple are many traditions cultural experience of Nara unique you can enjoy from children to adults. Is the Todai-ji Temple, which is specified in the famous World Heritage Site in speaking with people that many visit places Nara Miyaato and "Naranodaibutsu" in Nara. Besides, Nara Park in the vicinity of the Todai-ji Temple is also attractive a lot of natural though it is in the city. Deer has also been with are close to about 1,200 animals, would be many people that look good also figure to be photographed together appearance and only has made rice crackers. Not only Nara, speaking with neighboring Yamatokoriyama of events will be held in the summer "National Goldfish Championship" is famous.

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