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Among the Kansai region, Nara prefecture is one of Japan's best sightseeing areas where many student travelers and tourists visit, and many tours around various temples and the like are held so we want to check the information. Besides, there are traditional cultural experiences unique to Nara where there are many temples and it is possible to enjoy from children to adults. Speaking of places where many people visit in Nara City is Todaiji which is designated as a world heritage famous for the Heijo Palace and the "Great Buddha of Nara". Besides, Nara park near Todaiji is attractive although there are many nature though it is in the city. It is said that deer is also close to 1,200, and there are many people who often see the appearance of rice crackers and the way they take pictures together. Speaking of events in Yamatokoriyama City in the neighborhood, not only in Nara City, the famous "National Goldfish Skiing Championship" will be held in the summer.


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