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Natural symbiotic outdoor park Altus, Inc. was started in France in 1997. Original language is referred to as the "La foret de l'aventure", literally the "forest of the adventure." Set up a scaffold, called a platform on top of the trees more than 10m to stand in the forest, course in trees and trees stretched like a net or rope is made. People to take advantage of this course is fitted with a harness is a safety device, with a lifeline, move from tree climbing to tree to tree, you will experience a variety of activities with or slide down. Large principle of "Forest Adventure" is "protect yourself of safety on their own" thing. This principle is together even in children in adults. While confirming the safety on their own, what to enjoy everyday experience creativity and seriously thought that it moves to the top of the tall trees, such as not to be, it is the biggest attraction of the "Forest Adventure".


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