Things to do in Yugawara/Manazuru/Odawara

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Yugawara, Manazuru, Odawara is the area that is rich hot springs and quaint streets, such as a fishing port, from gourmet to tourist destination. Yugawara in Japan one of the best hot springs in the city of about there is a hot spring tourism Association, is recommended for people who want to spend a leisurely holiday. Port of Manazuru can enjoy fishing, in the surrounding area that has been known for its gourmet shops where you can fresh ingredients. In addition, Odawara Castle located in Odawara, Japan's castle over the Edo period from the Warring States era, famous as the home of the Hojo, the Castle is a popular tourist spot because it has been designated as a national historic site. The peripheral of the plan, such as pottery from diving in the calm sea, offers a plan where you can enjoy from the indoor to outdoor. While sightseeing in Yugawara, Manazuru, Odawara of nature and the site, activities that memorable Why.

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