All-terrain vehicle in Japan

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Four-wheel buggy, motorcycle or trike (bicycle with a three-wheeled motor), in a vehicle such as a scooter, there is a sense of stability than the bike, a handy structure than car. As is also known as the ATV, corresponds to the sandy beaches and snow-covered road, dirt, such as all-terrain. Gear shift of gears in a manner that performed in the feet, a top speed of 50km about. It said that similar to the bike, because it is classified as a minicar category in the Road Traffic Act rather than the original with a license, get the ordinary driver's license (AT limited Allowed) has obliged. Let's join as much as possible to any insurance. Inspection and garage proof is not required. The engine exhaust amount of 50cc and standard criteria, because the buggy more than it is prohibited by the Road Transport Vehicle Law, there is only that the limit below 50cc. Tires and headlights, such as peripherals and a dedicated small parts such as the swing arm, repair products to be mounted on buggy is also available for purchase from the smartphone or PC. The point to be worried about, such as body price, inquiry, such as in the production manufacturers and Motorcycle Accessories professional sale shop product, why not try to confirm. It has also been held, such as game event which runs the occasional off-road. The registration, license, sales certificate, automobile liability insurance, is required, such as trace of the vehicle identification number. That said, such as the Experience Tour, which has been carried out all over the country, because it does not run on public roads, four-wheel buggy or more models 50cc is also capable of running. Since the license is also required, even just not driving non-experience of elementary school kids and ladies men's has become one of the most popular outdoor sports to spend quality time. Wear a helmet and seat belt is not mandatory, I want to also equipped for safety. Loaded with plans and foods that can be eaten by taking the edible wild plants and fish ran the course, not become the way to the buggy (carry-free), there is also a plan where you can enjoy in the BBQ and the set.

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