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Four-wheel buggies are vehicles like motorcycles and trike (bicycle with three-wheel prime mover), scooters, more stable than motorcycles, and easier than cars. As it is also called ATV, it corresponds to all terrain such as sandy beaches, snowy roads and darts. The shift shift of the gear is done by the feet, the maximum speed is about 50 km. Although it resembles a motorcycle, it is obliged to acquire a license of an ordinary car (limited to AT) because it is classified as a category of minicars by the Road Traffic Act, not a license with original. Let's join optional insurance as much as possible. Vehicle inspection and garage proof are unnecessary. As engine exhaust volume 50 cc is standard standard, buggies exceeding it are prohibited by the Road Trucking Vehicle Law, so there is a limit of only 50 cc or less. Repair products attached to buggies, such as peripheral equipment such as tires, head lights, swing arms and special small parts can also be purchased from smartphones and personal computers. In regards to the point that concerns such as the main body price, please contact the manufacturer of the product and the special shop for motorcycle goods etc. Please check and try. Game events that occasionally run off-road are also held. To register, you need a driver's license, selling certificate, mandatory vehicle liability insurance, trace of car body number, etc. However, experience tours that are held all over the country do not run on public roads, so it is possible to drive a four-wheel buggy with a model of over 50 cc. Because the license is unnecessary, elementary school kids and women of driving experience as well as men as well as men are also one of the popular outdoor sports that can spend substantial time. Although wearing a helmet or a seat belt is not mandated, I would like to equip it for safety as well. There are plans that you can enjoy with the BBQ as a set with plans and foods that you can run on unbearable courses, pick up vegetables and fish and eat them on buggies (free of charge).


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