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The off-road experience 4 hour course we asked. On the day, but arrived a little early, had us already prepared kawasaki of 2st 125cc. Rental brace maximum was of concern was also there is a large contact as expected. Although 2st 125cc of motocross was for the first time, under .. carefully taught the handling, how to ride a form of motocross in the space of a spread is from about 1 hour and a half for the first hour (left and right maneuverability, letter of 8) I had taught patiently clarity to be. After you become familiar with the extent to be out on the course, I ran a few laps while asked me the attention places in the course asked to lead. And when I was accustomed, it became a single course debut. While middle. Well squid not jump also got advice dub will be able to fly stable, it was very fulfilling day. Also it runs 15 minutes and will be sweaty exhausted. It was of the cold day around the beginning of December, but there is that fine weather, now sweat. We get used to and I unplug far from the power of you know, but was he said, for the beginner, is considerable momentum. I had a great day that I thought I want to do motocross. Also, I'm going to go to make the time. Thank you very much.