Things to do in Okayama

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Famous Kurashiki City as a staple attractions of Okayama Prefecture. The streets to leave the Edo of emotion very beautiful, even in the information magazine of the journey have been frequently published. Okayama City in Kita-ku area also castles and historic sites, is very recommended for lovers is a lot of history, such as the shrine. In addition, since the origin of the leading fruit in the whole country also taste hunting, such as peaches and grapes are very popular for families. Beautiful sunset is felt the beautiful sea and the sun is Ushimado area of ??Setouchi City that seen spot. It is popular as olive groves and also has tourist attractions such as beaches. It is also fun to try the pottery-making experience of Bizen, which is counted as one of Japan six old kilns. Leisure facilities and, such as amusement parks, Okayama Prefecture, enjoy sport of sea-mountain. Favorite leisure spots should surely find.

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