Things to do in Niigata

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Speaking of Niigata Prefecture of leisure, Naeba and Myoko, although there winter sports are also popular nationwide in Akakura, in fact, to enjoy is not the only winter season. And diving in Sado surrounding area, sea kayaking, surfing in Kashiwazaki and Agano River, trekking in Myoko Kogen, Sabage experience in Naeba, rafting on the Shinano River, such as such as paragliding in Ogamidake, in a variety of spot other than winter you can enjoy the play. In addition, in the workshop facility in Niigata City, or manipulate the electric potter's wheel, there is also a spot that can pottery experience in Tebineri. Make a such as teacup, it is good for the souvenir to family and friends. Since the pottery class can participate from children over 3 years old, with both adults and children, what can be feel free to apply for reservation how. Here, we will introduce the play of the spot recommendations that can be experienced in such Niigata Prefecture.

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