Air board in Japan

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Mainly in Europe, air board of the new activity on the rise in the thrill and sense of speed. In inflated to (inflatable) type of snow body board in the air, it was developed by the Swiss of outdoor manufacturers in 2001. I boarded in a prone state to the air board, which was inflated with air, you grip the handle on the both sides. On the bottom surface of the board is equipped with a edge, you can control easily turns and braking by performing a weight shift to the left and right. In addition to that the operation is simple, it is to be the body a slope with uneven it features is hard to take the burden. Excellent cushioning properties, there is a protection function us to mitigate the impact be to jump in the gap. Convenience is also attractive to carry in a small bag it leaves the air. Lovers has increased to up to air board tournament of the All-Japan class will be held in the country.

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