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The air board of new activity which is rising in popularity mainly in Europe, with thrill and speed feeling. Inflatable (inflatable) type snow body board, developed in 2001 by an outdoor manufacturer in Switzerland. Get on the air board inflated by the air in a face-down state and grasp the handle on both sides. Edges are attached to the bottom of the board, and you can easily control turns and breaking by moving the weight on the left and right. In addition to being easy to operate, it is a feature that it is difficult for the body to bear a burden even on uneven slopes. Excellent cushioning, there is a protection function that will alleviate the impact even when jumping in the gap. The convenience that you can carry it by putting it in a small bag if you let out the air is also attractive. There are an increasing number of enthusiasts before the all-Japan class air board tournament is held in Japan.